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The Invasive Insects That Are Now Invading The United States

The Eastern region of the United States is currently being invaded by a plethora of insect pests. The invasive insects that pose the most significant risk to homeowners are bagworms and adelgids.

Bagworms cause problems all year round, as their larva feeds off of the foliage of the host tree. The bagworm can lay eggs, which hatch releasing five hundred larvae at once. The larvae can be removed by hand, but by the time the problem is noticed, professional pest control officials often become necessary.

Adelgids are known to hide underneath the branches of its host tree, which makes them hard to spot. Anyone who has hemlock or spruce growing on their property should look under the branches of each tree to see if eggs are visible. Currently the Pennsylvania state tree, the Eastern Hemlock is being forced into extinction by adelgids. This pest is very deadly to several trees, but this pest is easily controlled with proper insecticide treatment.

If you live in an area where either of these two insect pests thrive, how has it affected your community, if at all?