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Invasive Insects Are Driving Some Types Of Trees To Extinction | Tucson Pest Experts

Invasive Insects Are Driving Some Types Of Trees To Extinction | Tucson Pest Experts

Although Zika may be dominating the headlines as far as insect related news goes, there is another insect threat that is driving some types of trees to extinction in the New England region of the United States. In fact, the acres of dead trees in New England is not the result of just one insect, rather a large group of insects take the credit for these mass tree deaths.

Not only are there several different types of trees headed for extinction, but the invasive insects responsible for the tree genocide are costing billions of dollars in damages each year. In addition to the insects, global trade and abnormally high temperatures are also believed to be causing the crisis. After a dozen experts took inventory of the troublesome bugs causing all the damage, it was determined that there are hundreds of insect pests that have invaded forests within US borders. Of all the insect pests found, the emerald ash borer alone is predicted to cause over twelve billion in damages by 2020.

Have you taken note of an increase in dead trees in your area? Is the region of the world that you live in at risk of experiencing the problems that go along with invasive insect pests?