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Insects See In 3-D

When it comes to building robots you can imagine that there are a few parts that are difficult even for scientists to create to perfection. Of course constructing a robots eyes to accurately depict the outside world, and to create a sense of human-like visual perception in robots, has proven to be a bit of a mind bender for even the most clever of engineers. However, thanks to praying mantises, it looks like making useful robot eyes is now possible.

Researchers at Newcastle University are using beeswax to attach blue and green lenses to the eyes of a mantis with the purpose of observing how they behave in computer simulations. What they learned is that bugs do in fact hunt by using three dimensional vision, and this method of experimentation can be applied to the construction of sophisticated and humanesque robot eyes.

Is it possible to create a type of visual perception in robots that is identical to the way in which humans visually perceive their surroundings?