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Insects as Insecticides

As the people of the world become more desperate for agricultural sustenance farmers, politicians, academics, and scientists are all looking for methods of protecting crops from devastating insects that don’t have any respect for the laborious man hours involved in farming and don’t see any problem with chowing on our food before we do.  But news of “crop-friendly” insecticides is becoming the new hot method of pest control.

The method is called “biological control,” and is a method of preserving crops by means of “bio-control insects.” These biological bug developments are taking place all over the world at what are called “insectories.”  The idea is for experts to find the particular bugs that are most harmless to crops, but are most harmful to crop eating insects, and then releasing these crop saving insects into farmland with the obvious hope to prevent insect damage to large scale agricultural production.

The first experiment of this kind took place in the ‘30s and 40’s, and involved releasing the parasitic moth into peach farms that were being ravaged by oriental fruit moths.  Since then the scientific community has come a long way in introducing more sophisticated methods of this kind into the world of insecticides.

Would you use this method of getting rid of insect pests? Why or why not?