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Innovative Medical Technology Can Tell Doctors Everything About Zika | Pest Control Tucson

These days technology is advancing at such a rapid rate that many experts believe that in the near future hospitals will be equipped with virtual reality technology that allows medical professionals to view a developing fetus with much more detail than traditional ultrasounds. This technology came at just the right time as researchers are now able to gain a broader understanding of how the Zika virus influences the developing fetus.

This virtual reality technology is much more useful than ultrasounds as the 3-D imaging allows researchers to study the developing brain of a Zika infected fetus with greater detail. So far, this virtual reality technology has allowed researchers to determine beyond a doubt that the Zika virus causes brain damage in developing fetuses even if the unborn child never develops microcephaly. The researchers are currently concerned with using this 3-D technology to develop more effective treatments for the Zika virus and its consequences on a developing fetus.

Do you believe that this new 3-D imaging technology will eventually lead to CT scans and MRI screenings obsolete?