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How Fast Do Subterranean Termites Damage The Home?

Subterranean termites can do a lot of damage to the home very fast, but the rate at which they cause this damage will vary based on several factors. Let’s take a look at these various factors and how they influence the wood consumption process.

Colony size

One of the biggest factors that will determine the rate of wood consumption in a termite infestation is the size of the colony that is feeding on a piece of wood. Because subterranean termites build their colonies underground, you can have a very large colony infest a piece of wood and then deploy hundreds or thousands of workers instantly to consume the wood. There is also a higher demand for wood in a larger colony, so scouting expeditions will be more frequent and this can increase the odds of an infestation.

Wood availability

Subterranean termites do not focus on a single piece of wood when they infest the home. Instead, they will spread out and infest multiple pieces of wood. This slows down the severity of the damage, but it makes the damage more widespread, and the longer the invasion goes on, the repair costs grow much bigger. In other words, the repair costs are much lower if one piece of wood is completely destroyed than if multiple pieces are somewhat damaged.

Location and climate

The climate and the geographical location of a termite colony will play a big part in the termites’ activity levels. In warm, humid environments for example, they will be much more active, and they consume wood year round. These warm, humid environments will have the same impact whether they are naturally-caused or man-made indoors. In cold weather however, the termites are slower and they eat wood at a slower pace.

Detecting subterranean termite activity

It can be hard to detect subterranean termite activity, because they will always stay hidden, either inside wood or inside the ground. The best way to make sure that you detect an infestation as early as possible is to work with a pro, who will perform inspections on a yearly basis. Once an infestation is detected, the pro will then move onto control, and will use either chemical barriers or termite baiting systems to destroy it.

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