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How Can Residents Protect Themselves From Bed Bug Bites Within Infested Homes?

Bed bugs need no introduction, as these insect pests have been infesting homes at an increasing rate during the past two decades. Scientific surveys carried out by academics have found that most pest control professionals consider bed bugs to be the most difficult insect pests to eradicate from homes. This is due to the small size of bed bugs, which allows them to access the most obscure of indoor spaces, such as wall voids behind power outlets. Bed bugs also reproduce rapidly, and unless all bed bugs are exterminated or removed from a home during treatment, there is a good chance that the remaining few will repopulated a home.

Unfortunately, store-bought bed bug control products have all been proven ineffective at eliminating infestations, including bug bombs and aerosol sprays. This is why bed bug infestations can only be properly addressed by a pest control professional. However, there are many things residents can do to greatly decrease their chances of falling victim to a bed bug infestation. For example, many bed bug infestations in homes begin after residents bring infested furniture indoors, and quickly inspecting public seats before sitting down is necessary these days to avoid having the bugs attach themselves to clothing.

Since the professional elimination of bed bugs can take a few days, residents of infested homes are advised to relocate for a short time while making sure that they are not bringing bed bug infested clothing or other materials along with them. Of course, relocating is not an option for many people, and if this is the case, there are ways in which residents can minimize the amount of bites that they sustain within their infested home. For example, items known to be infested with bed bugs, such as bed sheets, can be placed in the dryer at high heat for a few minutes in order to kill all the bed bugs. Infested items that cannot be laundered can be placed in the freezer for a period of four days. Mattresses and furniture can be steam cleaned in order to kill a large number of bed bugs, and the carpeting around beds and furniture should be vacuumed thoroughly.

Have you ever had to live within bed bug infested conditions?