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Hot To Make Your Home Less Inviting to Scorpions

Make Your Home Less Inviting to ScorpionsScorpion Control

Fortunately, antivenom is available for bark scorpion stings. Not easily controlled by commercially available pesticides, homeowners can do a number of common sense things to reduce the number of scorpions entering their homes. AZ Pest Control suggests sealing all cracks and openings around your home to reduce the number of insects bark scorpions prey on as well as:

  • Reduce clutter inside your home
  • Remove debris from around your property
  • Remove vines growing on your house
  • Avoid planting oleanders
  • Use bug lights on the exterior of your home, especially near doors
  • Clean up woodpiles and stacking firewood 20 ft. from your house
  • Avoid installing doggy doors
  • Repair water leaks

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