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That Horseradish In Your Fridge Is Good For Keeping Malaria Carrying Mosquitoes Away

Researchers have long been interested in how different organisms respond to varying levels of heat and cold, and how these sensations are perceived as pain. However, researchers were surprised to learn that the temperature level was not the only factor that determined the insects comfort level. For example, mustard, horseradish, wasabi and cinnamon all had similar effects to temperature changes. It turns out that all organisms have a similar temperature sensitivity mechanism; at least this mechanism is largely the same in vertebrates and insects.

The researchers believe that they can, at some point in the future, be able to develop better anti-mosquito products by manipulating the manner in which a mosquito perceives temperature. This will involve monitoring the structural changes of different proteins within the cells of mosquitoes. It will take a while, but if this academic work progresses, we may one day know of a world with not mosquito bites.

Do you believe technology like the technology described in this article would be better suited for use in impoverished locations around the world?