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Glow Worms Can Survive In The Arctic Circle?! | AZ Pest Control

Glow Worms Can Survive In The Arctic Circle?! | AZ Pest Control

The Arctic Circle is not a pleasant place for most animals. Very few organisms call the Arctic Circle home. However, the interesting glow worm has no problem withstanding the harsh Arctic climate. The glow worm is a relatively large sized invertebrate with a yellow glowing light on its tail. This light is an easy way to tell glow worms from similar looking organisms. Although glow worms can survive the harsh cold, they are most often found in dense wooded areas and caves all around the world, except for the Americas. Glow worms are nocturnal animals, and the nighttime hours are the only time that their glowing backsides become visible.

The name “glow worms” is only a nickname for a variety of different types of insect larva. Many glow worm larvae become adult larviform females which glow through bioluminescence. Glow worms all look more like worms than insects, but actually all glow worms are insects. One type of glow worm eventually becomes a fly, but most glow worm species become beetles. Not all glow worms are equipped to attract fascination with a majestic looking glow, as male glow worms are not equipped to glow like females are. During mating season the females move about for around two hours with their glowing backsides sticking out. Obviously, the female glow worms do this in order to attract mates, as male glow worms seem to be even more impressed with the glowing tales than humans. The male glow worm is attracted to glowing objects that are located within foliage, but males have been known to approach man made lights with interest as well. Glow worms are most often spotted by humans in the United Kingdom between the months of June and October. Once the sun sets, glow worm tales become clearly visible to humans, even when humans are located far away from these worms.

Have you ever spotted a glow worm? If you have, did you assume that it was a worm rather than an insect?