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The Future Of Termite Infestation Treatments Looks Strange

The Future Of Termite Infestation Treatments Looks Strange

The business of termite eradication has undergone some changes over the course of its history. Toward the beginning of the last century, many people living in the United States were not even aware of what termites were. In fact, termites were thought to belong to another species of insect. For the longest time, termites were referred to as “white ants”. Some people living in foreign countries still refer to termites as white ants. Today in America, everybody knows that a termite infestation is probably the most damaging type of infestation that a homeowner can experience. But no matter the time period being considered, people have always relied on knowledgeable professionals for help with eradicating termite infestations. The business of pest control will probably always exist, but exterminators of the future will no doubt have some cool high tech anti-termite technology at their disposal. One anti-termite device that is nearing completion is referred to as the “Termibot”.

A company in Australia is currently perfecting a robot designed to kill insects, specifically termites. The robot travels on two belts like a tank, or that robot from Short Circuit. The Termibot is described as a “dual-tread thermal imaging robot”. The Termibot is built at a size that allows it to travel behind walls, and other hard-to-reach areas. The Termibot is outfitted with a “thermal camera” and “moisture sensors”. These two features collect data on termite infestations within a home. Not only that, but this robot can, apparently, eradicate termite infestations by using a probe to inject insecticides into termite nests.

At the moment, the Termibot is tethered to a remote control operator. But the company is hoping to develop a wireless version. However, it has been claimed that the company is struggling to perfect the wireless version of this termite-killing robot. In addition to eradicating termite infestations, company officials are claiming that similarly designed robots can be used for other important purposes. These purposes include, bomb disposal and search and rescue operations.

Do you think that devices like the “Termibot” will become practical for use by pest control professionals any time soon? Or is the belief that these robots will hit the market soon just a result of wishful thinking?