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Flying Termites? Here’s What You Need To Know

Flying Termites? Here’s What You Need To Know

While flying termites may sound horrifying, they are actually harmless, and the only threat that they pose is that they are able to start new colonies. Also known as swarmers, flying termites are part of the reproductive caste, and they are young kings and queens that fly out in large numbers out of a mature colony to mate and begin a new nest. This is typically during the tail end of monsoon season in Arizona. Arizona Termite Swarmer

What do they look like?

Swarmers look very similar to winged ants, but they do have some differences. Termite swarmers are dark brown or black in coloration, with four wings. So far, this is the same as ant swarmers. However, termite swarmers have stockier bodies, with no discernible waist, and they have straight antennae. Their wings are also of equal length, while the ants have one pair of wings smaller than the other.

Why are there flying termites on my property?

Whenever you see flying termites, it means that there is a mature termite colony nearby, and that a new termite colony may be started in the area. However, it’s not unusual to see them flying around outside in your backyard, and it does not necessarily mean that your home is at risk. The real problem is when the flying termites are indoors, and they originate from within the home. This means that somewhere in the building, you have a mature termite colony that is spawning these swarmers, and that there may be an extensive infestation.

Do swarmers pose a health threat?

Swarmers are completely harmless to human beings. They are not venomous and they are not capable of biting people. The only threat that they pose is to your property.

What do I do if I see flying termites?

If you see flying termites, especially if they are in your home, you should call a pest control specialist who will perform an inspection and detect if an infestation is present. If after the inspection, the pro concludes that termites are present in the home, he will recommend a course of action and a treatment method. For the highest odds of detecting an infestation early on and preventing a lot of damage that could be caused in the home, you can set up a yearly inspection with a pest control company. If you notice swarmers on your property or in your home, contact us today and we will send over one of our team members to perform an inspection.