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What To Do When You Find Bugs In Your Christmas Tree

Although it may not be a problem of epidemic proportions, people bringing insects into their homes via their Christmas tree has been known to happen. Sometimes bringing home a Christmas tree infested with insects can become a major holiday disaster. For example, a few years ago a woman brought home a pine tree to celebrate Christmas only to see a swarm of praying mantises scurry out of the tree and around the her house. So which insects might be hiding in your Christmas tree? And how should you get rid of them?

Bark Beetles, scales, mites, and aphids are just a few of the bugs that are often reported to flee people’s Christmas trees once the tree is brought indoors. Some of the bugs that hang out on Christmas trees often lay eggs within the tree since it is the winter season. And some bugs will spring back to life after the indoor heat releases them from their stationary dormant state. The good news is, according to entomologist, Nancy Troyano, the bugs that people find in their Christmas tree are harmless and the best way to prevent them from getting into your home is to vigorously shake your tree outside before you bring the tree into your home.

Have you ever found an insect, a spider or any other type of critter in a Christmas tree that you had purchased?