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Fear of the Zika Virus Causes Even More Trouble

There is no doubt that it only took American citizens months and months of watching idly while the Zika virus rampaged across South and Central America and then finally reached U.S. soil weeks ago to grow concerned over this serious epidemic. No one was too concerned about how we might be affected until the virus was banging on our doors. Now that people are well and truly frightened the usual chaos is now ensuing, with many citizens running around like chickens with their heads cut off in a craze to protect themselves against the virus. This seems to often lead to sometimes disastrous mishaps.

A man started a fire on the deck of his apartment because he was a little too enthusiastic about making sure insects stayed far away from him. Authorities believe the blaze was caused by an ember that drifted from one of the insect repellent stakes that the man had burning on his deck. This reminds me of the incidents that happen to people that try to get rid of bed bugs on their own and start fires or even poison themselves in their crazy efforts to fight the bugs. We already have to deal with this horrible virus people. Let’s not add these kinds of ridiculous mishaps to our list of problems just because we’re finally panicking about how to deal with the Zika virus now that the danger is closer to home.

Do you think more mishaps like this one will happen because of people’s fear of the Zika virus and their chaotic efforts to protect themselves at all cost? Do you know of any similar thing happening near you?