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Citizens Demand More Insect Repellent Clothing

The citizens of Florida dealing with the first cases of the Zika virus that have been transmitted locally in the U.S. are chomping at the bit for better protection against mosquitos, more insect repelling clothing in particular. The demand for clothing with Insect Shield has skyrocketed in the last few months, with sales having increased…
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Fear of the Zika Virus Causes Even More Trouble

There is no doubt that it only took American citizens months and months of watching idly while the Zika virus rampaged across South and Central America and then finally reached U.S. soil weeks ago to grow concerned over this serious epidemic. No one was too concerned about how we might be affected until the virus…
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Zika Outbreak in Singapore Brings Out Greedy Goblins

Scared citizens in Singapore aren’t just having to deal with trying to quell the almost unstoppable force that is the Zika virus, now they also have to deal with greedy people hoarding insect repellent just so they can then sell it for a higher price when the item is in short supply in regular stores.…
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