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If Eating Bugs Grosses You Out, Then Maybe It Would Help To Know That You Eat Them Anyway

Speaking as a person within the western hemisphere, the idea of eating bugs is far from a genuine consideration. The act of eating insects is just something that we westerners hear and see in the media. How many fellow westerners do you know that have tried eating bugs? Well, you may be surprised to know that you already eat insects, and you likely do so on a daily basis. No, this is not about eating insects in your sleep, this is about the insects that are a part of the food you eat willingly.

The Food and Drug Administration has officially stated that removing every bit of “filth” from foodstuffs is an impossibility. There is, however, guidelines that set limits on the amount of filth that is allowed on our food. The FDA defines “filth” in a particular way. The nasty bits of grossness that can often, if not always, wind up in your food include filth such as rodent hairs, grubs, insect fragments, and, a no brainer–rodent excrement!

According to D News Host, and an expert on FDA policy, Natalia Reagan, despite the grossness of having insect fragments, like spider legs, on your food, the fact is that these bugs provide you with significant amounts of nutrition, and insects are likely the most valuable food resource in the world. In fact, some experts believe that our ancient ancestors developed more sophisticated brains as a result of consuming an insect rich diet.

Have you ever found a spider or an insect in, or near, food that you had purchased from the grocery store?