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Doctor Finds Ladybug Infestation in Dog’s Mouth

There are plenty of insect related problems owners expect to come across, such as tick and flea infestations. However, once in a while an insect infestation occurs that is so rare it ‘s difficult to believe it’s real. One veterinarian posted a picture of one such infestation involving ladybugs, and people didn’t believe the photo was real.

Yes, your dog can get an infestation of ladybugs. The Asian ladybeetle will attach itself to the roof of a dog’s mouth by using hemolymph, a liquid that they secrete, which burns into the roof of a dog’s mouth, allowing them to stick there like bats on a cave wall. The spots where the ladybugs attach themselves can become open sores that can become infected. These infections are what you want to prevent from happening.

While ladybug infestations are not common, you should still keep a lookout for any kind of excessive drooling or your dog foaming at the mouth. If your dog does get a lady bug infestation, the little pests are pretty easy to get rid of. If you can get your pup to sit still (probably the most challenging part of the process), you can use a spoon or tongue depressor to scrape them off the roof of your dog’s mouth. You might also want to go to your local vet just to make sure they are gone for good.

Has your dog or a friend’s dog ever had a ladybug infestation? How did they get rid of them?