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Disease Carrying Ticks Are Spreading Illness As They Invade Michigan

LogoTicks are bad news, and they are getting worse all over America. Several regions of the United States that don’t typically see large populations of disease carrying ticks are now being bombarded by the insects. Ticks are becoming particularly problematic within the state of Michigan. The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services has recently found data that clearly shows that Michigan is being invaded by disease carrying ticks. According to officials, the ticks are a particularly large threat in Genesee, Shiawassee, Saginaw, Tuscola and Bay counties. Evidence shows that these areas are being invaded by ticks at an alarming rate. If this trend continues, the midwest may become just as saturated with disease carrying ticks as the northeast. Such an alteration in the state’s tick population could potentially double the rate of reported lyme disease cases in the US.

Some experts are not sure where the influx of ticks in the state originated. According to Dr. Joe Hendricks at Briarwood Veterinary Hospital, the invading ticks are coming from nearby states, such as Ohio, Indiana and the western side of the state. Although data shows that ticks are now invading Michigan, the state has actually been experiencing a tick invasion for the past couple of years. For example, many residents have noticed that ticks are popping during cold seasons. One resident claims that ticks begin to appear in the state as soon as the temperature rises above thirty degrees. The recently compiled data showing that the tick situation in the state is now even worse has residents fearful of this summer’s population of disease carrying ticks in the state.

The state of Michigan is home to twenty different tick species. A few of these species carry lyme disease, which is the most common form of tick-borne disease. Dr. Hendricks recommends some unconventional methods for keeping ticks off of your body this summer. One of these methods consists of spraying your socks with deet in order to repel ticks.

Have you ever made use of an unconventional method of insect repellent, such as spraying your socks?