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The Most Common Spider Myths Debunked

Spiders are numerous creatures on this planet, and they are talked about often. Spiders catch people’s attention because they do not resemble any other animals in the slightest, except for maybe a crab or a lobster. The thing is, many different types of spiders do different things. For example, did you know that not all spiders build webs; instead some spiders look to do their hunting without webs, the huntsman spider is one of these spiders. But there are some common myths about spiders that people love to sell as true, and these myths are still around and have followers even today.

One myth says that people, while sleeping, eat bugs. Apparently we are supposed to believe that bugs would just crawl right into somebody’s pie hole while sleeping. In fact, there is no data, nor are there any real suspicions that spiders like to take a tour of your innards while you are sleeping. So pretend like you had never heard this disturbing story before.

There is one old, yet often repeated myth that says daddy longlegs are poisonous spiders, actually the story often claims that the “daddy” is the MOST poisonous spider in the world. But luckily the “daddy’s” fangs are too short to puncture the skin, because if they were long enough to wound a human, then their poison could kill a human. However, all of this is nothing more than a lot of hogwash. First of all, an arachnologist from the University of California claims that not once during documented history has a human sustained a bite from a daddy long legs. Second of all, there does not exist any data relating to the physiological reaction a human may have to daddy long-legs venom. If you need further convincing, the television program entitled Mythbusters, successfully put this rumor to bed.

What is the most bizarre myth that you have ever heard regarding spiders?