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Choking To Death On An Insect Is Possible, And Has Happened

Choking To Death On An Insect Is Possible, And Has Happened

You have all heard of various contests in which players attempt to consume as much as possible of some type of food. For example, there are pie-eating contests, hot dog-eating contests, and I won’t go on, but you know the ones. However, you have likely never heard of a cockroach eating contest. Unfortunately, people have eaten cockroaches for sport. Not only that, but people have competed with others in order to determine who can down roaches the fastest. Sadly, a man died not too long ago as a result of choking to death on cockroaches. The man was from Florida, which, come to think of it, is the only place that would have a cockroach-eating contest.

The man had eaten dozens of roaches, and he was hoping to win the grand prize, a python. Initially, the cause of his death was only a matter of speculation, but an autopsy report revealed that the man had choked to death. Considering that the man had just consumed dozens of roaches as quickly as he could, it would seem that roaches, and they were all alive during the competition, had become lodged in his throat, cutting off his airway. The official autopsy report stated: “asphyxia due to choking and aspiration of gastric contents.” This Florida man did, indeed, die from eating too many cockroaches during the Midnight Madness bug-eating competition at an insect and reptile store near Miami, Florida.

During only a few minutes following the competition, the man had fallen unconscious and was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. It was reported that the man had eaten the cockroaches so quickly, that some of them came crawling out of his mouth during the competition. He was also reported to have swallowed many of the cockroaches whole. Despite the embarrassing obituary, this man reached his goal.

Have you ever eaten a live insect deliberately? If you have, then what type of insect did you consume?