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Bug Lover Studies Bugs By Placing Them On His Face

Bug Lover Studies Bugs By Placing Them On His Face

The world is full of bug enthusiasts, and not all of them are professional entomologists. There are also some pretty dedicated amateur bug experts out there in the world as well. Some amateur entomologists even travel the globe with the hopes that they will locate the next exotic bug species. Entomologists can easily have their arthropod related findings published in academic journals. But for amateurs in the field of entomology, getting others to notice their hard work can be challenging. However, for one twenty-year-old bug expert, Adrian Kozakiewicz, drawing attention to his arthropod collection has been easy. One day Adrian began posting his collections on Instagram. Now Adrian has over one hundred and fifty six thousand followers. What is Adrian’s secret to success? Well, he posts pictures showing various bugs crawling on his face, of course.

According to Adrian, people are fascinated with bugs, and he only shows the most exotic and colorful bugs in his collection. At first, after a while of posting Instagram pictures of his exotic bug collection in normal poses, people did not seem interested. But, after Adrian had the idea of posting bugs on his mug, people suddenly started to follow him on Instagram.

Adrian is in possession of over six hundred exotic insects. Adrian’s collection of rarely-seen insects includes whip spiders, rare mantises, a giant attacus caesar moth, as well as giant leaf insects. Adrian collected his insects and spiders from various locations around the world–an idea Adrian first had at the age of ten.

As a child, Adrian began breeding his own insects. Adrian prefers travelling to various locations within Asia in order to find rare arthropod species. Adrian is particularly interested in finding nocturnal insects from Thailand, Laos and Malaysia. Once Adrian finds the specimens that he is looking for, he sets up areas where different species can breed. He breeds these bugs in bottles, plastic boxes, and terrariums. Once offspring is produced, Adrian then sells these offspring to zoos and bug dealers. But not before displaying them on his face for the whole world to see.


Have you ever heard of any legal issues related to the international transport of exotic insects?