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Bug Boozers

Bug Boozers

We humans enjoy partaking of alcoholic beverages now and then. You’ll almost always find plenty of libations at any holiday gathering. But, are we the only species that likes to let loose once in a while? Do other animals also like getting buzzed? Well, insects apparently enjoy their alcohol too. What’s more, much research has found that, just like humans, they drink in emotionally trying times to make themselves feel better.

One study found that fruit flies will drink more alcohol after they’ve been rejected by females. They studied the diets of flies after mating, and fruit flies that were rejected preferred food containing alcohol. These flies turn to booze to boost their low mood.

Butterflies are also big bug boozers. Males will drink beer to boost their spermatophores, which are little love packages they give to female butterflies. Entomologist Katy Prudic noted on one study that she’d found her fair share of butterflies in beer cans. Apparently many insects are attracted to alcohol. Many entomologists bait their insect traps with beer or wine.

Did you know that insects have a taste for alcohol? Have you ever baited an insect trap with alcohol?