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A Bug With Bizarre Features Has Researchers Confused | Tucson Pest Inspection

A spider that is native to Singapore looks and behaves much like a snake, and scientists are not sure why. The spider belongs to the genus Cyrtarachne, and scientists are not sure how the spider is able to change its appearance to resemble a snake. The spider is currently being dubbed by some experts as “the disco spider” on account of its bright flashing colors and pulsating features.

It is rare for adult spiders to change shape and/or colors. There are a few species of crab spiders that change their colors to blend into their surrounding. A few other species of spider are able to expand and contract as needed for stealth purposes, but these spiders do not compare to the disco spider.

There has been much speculation about why the spider is able to morph into what appears to be a reptilian creature. Many experts believe that the disco spider evolved the ability to look like a snake in order to fend off predators. However, the spider is not well known to science. In fact, entomologists don’t yet know if these spiders spin webs. It seems that all the experts are currently too mesmerized with the spider’s appearance to subject it to scientific study.

Are there any other types of insects or spiders that mimic other animals or objects in order to avoid predators? And if so, what type of insects or spiders?