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Billbugs Are Ruining The Summer Season For Golfers

I have never heard the word “billbug” before, but if you are a golfer it is more than likely that you have. Billbugs have probably been an annoyance to golfers ever since the first golf course was constructed in The United States. Billbugs have been, and still are, a type of insect that enjoys ravaging turf grass. So naturally, golfers don’t like them, but the profiteers behind the multi-billion dollar turf grass industry probably don’t like them either. According to experts billbugs can be eradicated as long as the turfgrass industry is ok with making a few changes.

Billbugs inhabit the entire United States territory and there are at least ten different species of billbugs known to science. That is a lot of billbugs, but golf course owners could possibly save themselves the headache, and a lot of money, if they simply planted a different type of turf grass in areas where billbugs have been known to congregate during past summer seasons. The turf grass industry could also save themselves a lot of billbug related hassle if they switched to a strain of turf grass that billbugs do not find attractive. And then there is the more controversial solution involving the release of thousands of wolf spiders with the hopes that they will eat all of the billbugs.

Would you be ok with releasing a bunch of ugly spiders around your home in order to have them eat your garden pests?