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All Bees In Arizona Are Considered “Killer Bees” And Several Of Their Hives Are Being Removed From The U Of A Campus And Residential Homes

Africanized honey bees, better known as “killer bees,” are spotted frequently within rural, residential and urban areas of Arizona. In fact, experts claim that all honey bee species in the state of Arizona are “Africanized.” This is because both the Africanized and common European honey bee species have been interbreeding within the southwest for decades. This explains why all honey bee colonies in the southwest are significantly more aggressive than European honey bees elsewhere within the United States. Unsurprisingly, honey bee attacks are particularly common in Arizona, and the state sees several injuries and fatalities in response to bee attacks each year. Unfortunately, these highly aggressive hybrid honey bees are increasing their habitat range within Arizona, as hives are being spotted more frequently within human-populated areas. For example, in Tucson, two killer bee hives were recently found attached to buildings on the University of Arizona campus, which is centrally located within the city. Killer bee hives have also been spotted frequently within residential structures in nearly all areas of the state, prompting a significant surge in pest control calls.

One month ago, University of Arizona officials found two large killer bee hives attached to two campus buildings, indicating that the hybrid honey bees are becoming more abundant in the state. One of the hives was found on the southeast corner of the Chemistry Building, and the other was found on the northeast corner of the Koffler Building. University officials wasted no time having the hives professionally removed and relocated. Due to heavy bouts of winter and spring rain in Arizona, flowers are now particularly abundant in the state. This explains why killer bee hives are also being found within and attached to residential homes. For example, one Amado resident discovered a large hive situated behind the eaves of his Lakewood neighborhood home after returning from an extended vacation. Since last March, an unusually large amount of killer bee hives have been removed from Arizona homes and buildings, including one massive hive weighing an astonishing 200 pounds.

Do you worry about the presence of aggressive hybrid bee swarms occurring in your neighborhood?