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Bed bugs – they’re not just for the bed

Bed bugs are gross, and are awful to try to get rid of once an infestation has occurred. Here are some helpful tips for trying to avoid the sting of the bed bugs bite.

Start by avoiding unsanitary areas. Subways for instance are a breeding ground for bedbugs. The poles and the seats specifically are places that your body could come in contact with the pests. Hotel rooms are also a suspect place for infestation of bed bugs.

There are many places that will sell you plastic covers for your mattresses to try and prevent bed bugs, however once you have bed bugs the plastic cover isn’t going to help. Bed bugs will invade sheets, pillows, blankets and of course the mattress and floor as well.

In an article titled “67 tips for avoiding bedbugs in New York City” written by Maxwell Strachan the author goes through a very real yet satirical comedic list of how to purposely avoid the bed bug epidemic. The last few tips of course being acceptance and how to move forward have you have been invaded.

Most new rental properties are adding in the bed bug clause that states if you bring a mattress into their property or bring the bugs into their property, and they spread to other apartments, you will be held liable for the cleanup of all the units affected.

The biggest tip is keeping your eyes open. Especially when traveling. No one likes a bed bug.