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Awesome Insect Gadget: Insect Vacuum

It turns out that vacuums aren’t simply for cleaning your floor anymore. You can also use them to suck up unwanted insect pests. Do you want a way to get rid of creepy crawlies that doesn’t force you to get up close and personal with their dead bodies when you have to dispose of them with a tissue? The Rechargeable Insect Vacuum is the answer to all of your problems.

This nifty gadget works just the way it sounds. You point the vacuum at your intended insect victim, and it sucks the little guy up, killing it once it enters the main chamber. You never have to worry about cleaning up gross squished insect body parts again, with this clean and sanitary alternative to the squashing it with a shoe. The vacuum is also fitted with a one-way trap door on the nozzle so there’s no chance of escape. It’s also pretty humane. Once the insect is trapped inside the chamber, a quick jolt of electricity shoots through the bug, killing it painlessly and instantly. The vacuum also has a special rubber nozzle that can suck up bugs from even the hardest to reach places. There’s no escaping this time.

Do you know of any other cool bug killing gadgets out on the market?