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Ancient Trilobites Sported Unique Camouflage

Trilobites are probably the best known of the extinct arthropods. It has recently been discovered that a certain species of trilobite had unusual spotted markings over its body. These are the first trilobites to have markings that have not been altered during the fossilization process.

There have been other fossilized trilobites found that bear markings on its body, but these markings turned out to be impressions made during the fossilization process, and not markings that are naturally featured on the bodies of trilobites. Researchers in New York, where the fossils have been found, ran a test on the fossilized trilobites in order to determine how the spots occurred. The researchers were expecting another example of false spots, however, their chemical analysis did not turn up any evidence that would suggest that the trilobites spots are anything but natural. This opens up several possibilities as to what the trilobite really looked like before it went extinct.


How did the now extinct trilobite find sustenance while it was still a part of the food chain?