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Anatomy of an scorpion

There are over 1700 different species of scorpions. All 1700 types of scorpions are venomous, however only about 25 of those species are able to actually kill a human. When a human is stung by a scorpion, the effects are usually pain and numbness, and sometimes swelling.

A lot of people consider scorpions to be insects but that is incorrect. They are actually arachnids, the same as spiders. Scorpions have plates around their bodies that are flexible enough to expand and contract with the gaining of weight. Yes, even scorpions get fat and happy. Scorpions also have fan looking appendages on their bellies called pectens which can be seen better under a black light. These are used as additional sensory for the scorpions, it is unclear exactly which sense it helps with, but it is thought because they are larger in males, that they might be part of the mating process. Scorpions can have between 6 and 12 eyes. They do have the ability to tell the difference between light and dark, and have a strong smell sense.  This sense of smell allows them to quickly and easily tell the difference between what is food and what is not.

Most species of scorpions are not aggressive but will become aggressive if they feel any sort of threat.

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