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A Type Of Non-Native Slug Can Kill Your Pets

Veterinarians have noticed a sharp increase in the amount of lungworm cases in dogs. This is due to a type of slugs known as the arion vulgaris. These slugs are native to Spain and they carry a fatal parasite that causes lungworm in domestic and nondomestic animals.

This type of slug is believed to have arrived in foreign countries through the shipments of salad leaves and pot plants as eggs. This disgusting slug is in the habit of feeding off of dog excrement and dead animal bodies, not to mention native slugs species as well as peoples’ nicely cultivated garden plants. Naturally this slug is not terribly popular in regions of the world where it is not native.

If lungworm does not result in death it can cause dogs to become paralyzed and completely unable to walk. Hopefully this type of slug will not make it to the US.

Do you think that invasive and damaging pests can be introduced to foreign countries for malicious purposes?