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A House Centipede Infestation May Indicate Bigger Pest Problems

About two inches long, with 15 pairs of legs, centipedes are quite unsightly. They are fast, and furthermore, they are predatory insects that hunt during the night. The mere sight of a centipede is enough to terrify you and get you to call a pest control specialist or deal with the problem yourself right then and there. But there are a few things you should know about centipedes before you act decisively.Tucson Centipede Control

They can act as a natural pesticide

You can consider house centipedes a natural pesticide, because they will prey on a large number of other pests including cockroaches, silverfish, spiders, ants, moths, flies, bedbugs and even termites. However, while they are effective hunters, they are not really able to deal with large infestations. Instead, they may act as deterrents to new pests that find their way into the home. In these situations, centipedes may be able to control populations by destroying the pests before they are able to reproduce and establish a colony.

They indicate bigger pest problems

Since centipedes prey on a variety of pests, their presence in the home can indicate that you have bigger pest issues. If you have a persistent centipede problem, it stands to reason that you have another insect population in the home, which may or may not be an invasive pest species. The only way to know that this is the case is to either check for pests yourself or to call over a pest control professional.

They are attracted to moisture

Centipedes will also need water to survive in an environment, and they will get this water from moisture around the home. As such, their presence could indicate another issue: a leaky pipe or appliance that is in need of repairs. At the very least, a centipede infestation indicates high levels of moisture inside the home. This is because centipedes are very prone to dehydration, since they do not have a protective coating that helps them retain water. In a dry environment, centipedes will quickly dry up and die.

So having centipedes in your home is an indication of a deeper problem. However, whether the centipedes are in the home because they are feeding on some harmless insects, or because you have another pest infestation, one thing is for sure, you should call over a pest control professional. Contact us today if you notice a centipede in your home.