The Ants That You Want To Avoid

You may be afraid of creepy-crawlies, but maybe ants do not count for you. Ants are not necessarily aggressive or large, so we don’t feel an instinctive desire to move out of their way. Instead most of the experience that we have with ants probably does not extend beyond stepping on them whenever we are…
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Let The Right Bugs Into Your Garden This Spring

Sometimes it’s hard to think of any insect messing around in my garden as a good thing. Why can’t they all just leave my poor plants alone, and find another yard to live in? However, even if they could just all leave your garden in complete peace, you wouldn’t want them to, as some insects…
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How Do Spiders Walk Vertically And Upside Down?

Spiders amaze humans for many different reasons. Perhaps you are fascinated by their many different styles of web-building, or maybe you cannot figure out why any animal would need eight legs. But one of the most fascinating aspects of spiders would definitely be their peculiar way of moving, especially when they are moving vertically or…
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