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Can Farmers Buy Beneficial Insects Without Being Taxed?

The summer is here, and so are the bugs. Many everyday citizens may not be too concerned with insect life beyond avoiding mosquito bites. However, for farmers, insects are a matter of serious concern. This is due to the fact that crops can be destroyed by insect-pests, but farmers also have beneficial insects on their…
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Lice May Spread When You Take A Group Selfie

Lice May Spread When You Take A Group Selfie Who would have thought that there would ever be a relationship between head lice and the modern photography trend known as “selfies”? Depending on how you want to interpret available data, taking group selfies puts every member of the group at risk of contracting head lice.…
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Free Coloring Book!

Are you interested in Arizona Pest Control's Fun Facts Coloring Book for your kid(s)? It is filled with educational information about desert pests, and the beneficial bugs in Southern Arizona. If you would like a free coloring book for your kids or younger family members/relatives simply email me at with the subject line "Coloring…
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