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Zika Threat May Be A Thing Of The Past In Florida?!

Zika Threat May Be A Thing Of The Past In Florida?!

The title makes a bold statement, but experts believe hurricane Matthew may have ended the Zika threat in Florida. The experts are hoping that the torrential rains and mass flooding wiped out all mosquito breeding sites in southern Florida.

The timing could not be better, as the floods came at the same time when the mosquito mating season was coming to an end. However, experts are still cautious, as the flood levels will soon decrease, allowing any left over Zika carrying mosquitoes a chance to breed. The Zika situation may even worsen as the as the flooding subsides, as many small reservoirs will form giving the Zika carrying mosquito more places to breed.

Dade County, Florida has been the hardest hit by the Zika outbreak. Twelve cases of individuals contracting Zika locally have been reported in the Wynwood sector of Miami. Hopefully, the hurricanes can bring the benefit of destroying the Zika threat in Dade County.

Do you think that the hurricane will wipe out all Zika breeding sites? If yes, then will this be enough to end the threat of Zika in Miami indefinitely?