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You are not welcome here! Tucson Termite Inspections

You are not welcome here!

After a couple built their dream home several years ago, some unwelcomed guests have made their home into a feeding ground. Termites have taken over the couple’s home. The family noticed the problem a little too late, noticing that the two by fours holding up the family homes walls looked like they had gone through a shredder.

Several months ago the termites caused the family over $15000 in damages when they had to remove walls to try to locate the source of the nest.  Even after one extermination from a professional they were unable to locate the problem. Termites have the ability to destroy an entire home in little to no time because they reproduce very quickly and they stay hidden unless you are really looking for them.

This family has vowed to not give up on their dream home simply because of unwanted pests. They have done the right thing. They called their local pest control company to come and take a look and are hopeful that they will be able to find the source of the problem before any additional major damage is done.

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