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Worst Toy Idea

Worst Toy Idea

As many of you may remember, not long ago I wrote about a new toy called the “Bug Racer” from Mattel. The racecar allowed for children to place a cricket inside the driver’s area of the car and drive the car based off the crickets movements. Crazy concept huh?

The toy company is now being accused of animal cruelty for selling a car that is driven by a caged insect. Peta, the animal rights group, is saying that the Bug Racer is condemned as the “worst toy idea ever.”

Not only is it cruel to cage in the cricket into the drivers area but they are also disturbing their nocturnal habits. Peta said it is “as cruel as it is ridiculous” and has demanded the toy be withdrawn from the market.

The toy was recommended for children 6 years old and up, and within the instructions listed that up to 5 insects could be crammed into the module at a time! When the toy was first released, Facebook users were immediately unimpressed, “surely this has to be the worst toy idea ever?”

Mattell did not comment on the toy yet, however the Toy Box executive president, Susi Lecker, commented that the gadget was humane and that they “haven’t lost a cricket behind the wheel yet.”

What do you think?