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Winter Insects

Winter Insects

During this time of the year, homeowners are often concerned with the types of pest/insects they will encounter due to the cold weather.

Asian lady beetles are often one of the most common home intruders. They are drawn in by the warmth and glow of the bulbs. Another common insect is the brown marmorated stinkbug who often favor flying in the dark though our bedroom.

These two common insects pose little concern with regards to our physical safety. Although both species emit foul odors, neither are poisonous and they do not sting

The hazard that these insects create is the when they are smashed and their bodily fluids are left behind often permanently staining light surfaces. Their odor can also linger for a long time, especially in fabrics.

Make sure when cleaning up after these insects to not use a vacuum cleaner. Resort to picking them up with toilet paper and flushing them down the toilet. Those who have kind souls and wish to release them back into the wild, must known that they are most likely to return and find their way right back inside again.