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Which Scents To Avoid This Summer

I am sure that you are aware that certain scents can attract some undesirable flying insects, most notably, mosquitoes. But there are a few that you are not aware of. Scents that you wear on the outside of your body, and some even on the inside.

It is well known in the world of science that mosquitoes smell us, they don’t see us. Bugs are attracted to what we exhale and what we sweat out.  When you are out and about be sure to wear lighter clothing since that seems to influence mosquitoes in ways that you would find undesirable. Strangely, even people of fairer complexions don’t suffer the degree of bug harassment that their darker counterpart suffer.

And as for scents you will want to avoid floral scents, beer, stinky feet, and even being a man can cause annoyances from mosquitoes since men are typically larger and produce more sweat. So keep these in mind and good luck this summer.

What scents have you noticed draw mosquitos to you?