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What to Do When You Find a Spider In Your Home

Humans tend to look at with a mixture of fear and loathing, attributing all kinds of misdeeds to these fanged creatures. However, many of our beliefs about spiders are totally false and based in myth. It’s time to set the record straight, and try to understand these often misunderstood creatures.

One popular belief is that if you find a spider in your home, you should release it back into the wild. Spiders inside your house are somewhat like animals in the zoo. They’ve adapted to life in a specific habitat, and releasing them into the wild would be like taking a lion that has grown up in a zoo and setting him free in the wilds of Africa. Most spiders found in your home did not just walk into your house one day after having spent most of their life outside. They tend to belong to a specific group of spiders that have acclimated to living with humans inside their homes. The likelihood of them being able to survive outside is very low. They haven’t developed the skills necessary for them to thrive outside. It would be much kinder to simply leave the spider be, or at least move it outside of the areas you’d rather not run into them such as your bedroom.

Have you ever come across a spider in your house? What did you do with it?