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What is causing the swarms?

What is causing the swarms?

Recently in California, piles of dead bugs covered the ground at an alarming rate. One gas station in particular was suspect to the inches of dead bugs on the ground. The swarms took over everything, getting into vehicle vents, windshields, even into your food.

While these swarms of insects are typical in the Sonoran desert of Tucson, this is the first time scientists have seen them in California. Scientists report that the heavy swarms of flying insects are caused by the weather changes and monsoon like weather patterns which in turn of course help with a much healthier vegetation for the critters to mooch from. The swarms are expected to head out of town with the dryer weather.

In the meantime, area retailers are urging people to keep their car doors and windows closed as much as possible, and some stores have even limited their hours to avoid the dark of night. It is during that time when the insects will be attracted to the false light omitted from the store, and they will collect around those lights.

So far, steps taken to eliminate the pests have not been successful and spraying insecticide has not helped. While some natural helpers like praying mantises and lizards will provide the smallest bit of relief, it is not nearly enough.

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