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What Are The Most Common Spiders Found In Australian Homes?

In Australia you can count on any number of spiders invading the common household, but one of the most common of all is the aptly named Black House Spider. If you are a citizen of Australia, then you are likely used to seeing these little monsters, but if you are living anywhere else, then these spiders will likely frighten even those who are not chronic arachnophobes.

These spiders are just under an inch in length and have about a one and a quarter inch long leg span.  They are not terribly large, but they are very unsightly. These spiders are often found near a light source since their prey, which include flies, moths, beetles, and mosquitoes, often gather around bright lights.  These spiders are able to survive for about two years, and can even become the prey of other spiders or parasitic flies.

Simply finding one of these spiders is a sign that they are likely infesting whichever location that they are found in.  Although these spiders are not aggressive and therefore not inclined to bite humans, they can cause unpleasant symptoms in anybody bitten by one of them.  Symptoms include nausea, vomiting, sweating, and even skin lesions, so if you are traveling to Australia, then beware of these guys.

Is there a kind of spider that you often see in your home? What kind of spider is it and what do you do when you see one?