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Wasps, Bees and Hornets, Oh My!

Wasps, Bees and Hornets, Oh My!

Summer is right around the corner, which means wasps, yellow-jackets and hornets are more prevalent. Stings by these pests are not only painful, but for some, dangerous. According to this video by Pestworld, half a million people each year get hospital treatment because of stings.

Most of the time, pests will not sting unless they are provoked. However, some exceptions are the Bald Faced Hornets and Africanized Killer Bees, which are extremely aggressive. If you suspect an area has these insects, steer clear and notify a pest control company right away.

What should you do if you are stung by a honey-bee or wasp? First, look for the stinger. If the stinger is still there, remove it. Next, clean the area with soap and cold water and apply ice to help with the swelling.

It is important to remember if you find any type of insect nest near your home, call a pest control company. Do not attempt to take care of it on your own!