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Wasp Warfare

Wasp Warfare

Wasps do not have the greatest reputations. They’re often thought of as mean, nasty creatures that sting without provocation. They are a bigger, scarier version of the hard-working, friendly bumblebee. They are also a destructive pest, killing bees needed for pollination and other insects that serve as food for birds and bats. They also consume nectar that would normally provide sustenance for birds and bats, taking away their food source and reducing their population. However, a new pesticide may just turn the tide against these vicious pests.

The creation of a new pesticide called Vespex is currently underway. The bait contains the insecticide fipronil and has proven to eliminate wasp populations by 95 percent after only one week, and a whopping 99 percent after a month. The pesticide is also protein-based rather than sugar-based, which means bees aren’t also in danger of being attracted to the pesticide. This is important, as bees are one of the insects researchers are trying to save with the development of this pesticide. The pesticide is also non-toxic to humans and animals.

Do you have wasp problems? Would you consider using this new pesticide to get rid of them?