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Using Bed Bugs To Combat Bed Bugs

Researchers have discovered that bed bugs shed their foul smelling skins. This is the reason many victims of bed bug infestations have reported unpleasant odors just as they started to realize that they are sharing their beds with mass amounts of tiny bugs. Finally researchers have found a good use for the former skins of bed bugs.

Researchers at the University of California at Riverside have discovered that bed bug skins that have been shed continue to emit pheromones that attract bed bugs. Once the researchers took note of bed bugs habitating in close proximity to their own shed skins, they realized that the shed skins could be used to aid in their destruction.

Evidently, the bed bugs are attracted to the pheromones that are still present in the bed bug skin that has been shed. As a result of this attraction, the bed bugs like to set up camp near their old skin. Since researchers can now predict where bed bugs will go as a result of this finding, perhaps it is possible to use their own skins against them as a method of setting bed bug traps. The researchers feel that this finding could lead to an effective way of managing bed bug infestations.

If getting rid of a bed bug infestation meant planting their old shed skins around your house and bed would you allow it?