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Spiders May Settle In Your Ear For The Long Haul

A woman by the name of Victoria Price believed that the intolerable pain emanating from her ear was simply the result of an ear infection, or a perforated eardrum. Unfortunately, she was wrong, the ear problems were due to a big spider that made a home deep in the poor woman’s inner ear.

After several days of complaining of ear aches the woman’s husband to a look inside of his wife’s ear and found something moving, which the wife thought to be a little off-putting to say the least. Naturally, she and her husband visited the doctor to find out what exactly chose her inner ear as the ideal home.

Initially a nurse made a brief examination, and decided to notify the doctor. Once the doctor arrived removing the arachnid was not difficult, but it was not doubt disturbing for all involved. The spider was much larger than the lady had anticipated, and she thought perhaps that the spider found its way into her ear by living for a while in her hoody.

Luckily, the woman will not suffer any injuries or deficits, other than possible posttraumatic stress disorder. And luckily, despite what old wives tales would have you believe, the spider did not lay eggs inside of her ear.

If an arachnid or an insect is found within a human’s inner ear, why wouldn’t the spider or insect lay eggs within the moist and warm environment?