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Tucson Killer Bee Removal

TUCSON- Bee season is going to be buzzing, as weather conditions have experts predicting a busy season.

It’s ideal for swarms to start finding new locations for hives.

Sometimes, they even make their way into people’s homes, causing big problems.

Joshua Tennenbaum of Arizona Pest Control, is busy removing swarms.  He said the bees are looking for hollow voids.

“They’re looking for, cracks crevices so they can get into that void and grow a hive,” Tennenbaum said.

On the opposite side of Tucson, Diana Will and her niece Karen Krull, are visiting from New York and were totally surprised when uninvited bees came into the house over the weekend.

“They were dive bombing us. I was ducking over here as we’re spraying and ducking. They were aggressive it was really scary.”

Krull said the bees were everywhere.

“In the kitchen I could hear them buzzing up in the ceiling, it was like a horror movie. Having something trapped in your ceiling and they are so aggressive and they’re looking to come out.”

They taped up the vents in the kitchen and windows and tried to remain calm.

Will added at the same time she was thinking, “My life is in danger.  These are killer bees and trying to remain calm knowing that being super agitated wasn’t going to help anyone .”

The landlord sent a bee removal expert. He sprayed them and now Diana is cleaning up dead bees.

Bee experts say if you see a swarm of bees, be careful and call a bee removal company, or if you feel you are in danger, call 911.