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Jiminy Crickets

Having crickets invade your home can feel like a losing battle. Do you just call an exterminator or is there another effective way to rid your home of these pests that are anything but Jiminy Cricket? Jim Rooney uses sticky traps and has tried homemade versions with a piece of cardboard and duct tape. As with all unwanted pest in your home reduction can come from preventative measures. Use weather stripping on doors and thresholds. Using caulk on windows as needed should help. As you enter and exit your garage remember that the crickets do too. Even if your garage door is closed they seem to find a gap to enter your home. Crickets love all the belongings you hold dear in your garage. Think of the thousands of hiding places it offers. They love the dark spot and corners. Winter is the season that will drive them inside. An obvious sign you have them in your home is the chip you hear. If you really want to be investigative you can use an UV light to expose the illuminated urine they leave behind. Yuck! Jim still thinks the home made sticky traps are most cost effective and work well. Just make sure they are placed when dog, cats or kids won’t touch them. For more information on crickets click here