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Troublemaking Spiders Cause Mass Panic

By now many of you know that this fall experts expect to see a significant influx of spiders invading homes. The warmer autumn season has caused a population overgrowth of many different species of house spiders. This overgrowth means that many more spiders than normal will be moving into people’s homes with the intention of finding mates. The invaders consist of male spiders looking for healthy large female spiders. It is during the fall that male spiders are willing to travel far and wide and take risks in unfamiliar environments just to produce offspring before they die as a result of the impending cold temperatures. This is frightening news for most people that are not big fans of welcoming mass amounts of spiders into their homes. And if this increase in house dwelling spiders is not troubling enough, it now seems that these extra large spiders are causing some serious shenanigans that have firefighters frustrated.

Apparently three different fire stations responded to an emergency call from an individual who alerted authorities over his blaring fire alarm. The homeowner was confused because he could neither see nor smell a fire, but he was nevertheless concerned. Well, as it turns out, it was just a false alarm caused by one of these dreaded house spiders setting off the fire alarm by crawling around inside of it. The amount of spiders inside people’s homes have become so numerous that they are now even setting off alarms and causing panic. Or maybe it was the only spider in the house and it set off the alarm for kicks since it was lonely, who knows.

Are there more spiders roaming inside of your house this fall? How do you deal with them?