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They’ve waged war on us!

They’ve waged war on us!

One Utah family is being invaded by hundreds of spiders trying to make their deck into the spider’s new home. They currently have hundreds of spiders and even more eggs under their deck.

The family decided to try to hunt the spiders as a way to end the problem, but were shocked when they found fifteen spiders in the first hour. There isn’t just one type of spiders which is what is creepy. Everything from black widows to hobo and wolf spiders are living underfoot.  The spiders seem to keep coming back no matter what they do to try to stop them.

Black widows in particular can be dangerous, especially with a houseful of children. Their bites are poisonous and can be particularly harmful to children. To humans spiders typically aren’t dangerous, their bites can cause irritation and welts, but typically they are not deadly.

For this Utah family, they fear if they try to fumigate or other chemical measures, it will draw the spiders out, and possibly allow them to invade their home. They would much rather live with the spiders outside than inside.

If you think you have a spider infestation, call a pest control company to come help you out of the web filled situation.

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