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There Are Three Spiders In America That Can Definitely Kill You

There Are Three Spiders In America That Can Definitely Kill You

In the southeastern region of the United States, especially South Carolina, it is not hard to find venomous spiders that could put an end to your life. The Carolina’s are known for having an abundance of unique and/or dangerous spiders dwelling within these two states. The Carolina’s alone have over six hundred different species of spider. All of these spiders are predatory. And many of these spiders are dangerous on some level, but don’t let that scare you because only rarely does a person sustain a life-threatening bite.

In the Southeastern United States there are three different spiders that you certainly want to avoid should you ever encounter one or more of them. These dangerous spiders include the brown widow, the southern black widow and the northern black widow. Black widows are a bit hesitant to bite, but if you do find yourself with a bite from a black widow then you should probably visit the doctor. But dying from the bite is highly unlikely in any case. Luckily, widows prefer to dwell within secluded areas, such as under logs, or within a bundle of sticks. Widows rarely wonder about exploring, and they have no interest in biting humans.

A southern black widow female is the spider with the red hourglass located on its abdomen-the male southern widows do not possess a red marking. Southern widow egg sacs are beige in color and are slightly smaller than a dime. Actually, male southern widows have red spots located above and beneath its body. And brown widows are strange in that their egg sacs have spikes around them, presumably to prevent egg-tampering. If you happen to encounter one of these spiders in your home for any reason then call a pest control professional.

Have you ever encountered a black widow, or any other kind of widow? If you have, then what did you do about it?