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The Venomous Huntsman Spider Strikes Back Against Human

The huntsman spider is known for its hunting prowess and speed, so trying to get rid of one in your home might not be the easiest task to accomplish. One man found this out the hard way when he tried to remove one from his ceiling with a broom. A video of a man trying to knock a huntsman spider off of his ceiling went viral recently, and it demonstrates perfectly why this spider is such a dangerous critter.

The huntsman spider’s incredible prowess is clearly shown when it deftly maneuvers out of the way each time the man tried to knock it down with his broom. The spider obviously drew tired of what must have seemed like a game to it and decided to take some decisive action against his foe. In the video of this entertaining encounter you can see the spider pause for a second before finally deciding to make his move and jump down onto the man’s upturned face. Unfortunately, the video ends just when it starts getting exciting. But, the huntsman spider is extremely venomous, so I can’t imagine things ended too well for the man. One commenter had it right when he said, “That’s what you get for using a broom instead of a shotgun.” Let’s all be smart when dealing with dangerous spiders, shall we.

Have you seen any other videos of people dealing with insects in their home that are hilarious?